Feature update: Points Reminder Emails are now Smarter

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Reward program balance reminder emails are an essential component of every loyalty campaign. They let the user know about their point balance, persuade them to spend their points, and offer them a Click-to-Action button that redirects them back to an online store to make a purchase.

There is a feature or rule in the Foxx app that allows users to send a reminder to their online customers about their reward points. The emails are scheduled and sent based on the frequency determined by the retailer. The purpose of these reminder emails is to make customers revisit the online store to make purchases. Winning points and unique rewards can incentivize customers to make more purchases; thus, sending customers reminders about their earned points is a great strategy to grab their attention and urge them to revisit your shop.

The feature has been active in the Foxx app and is widely used by retailers. However, in the previous version, the reminder emails were sent regardless of the number of points a customer earned. This turned out to be quite annoying to some customers, particularly those who had not earned enough points to redeem a reward. In addition, customers receive many notifications from other sources; hence it is an ineffective strategy to frequently send them reminder emails when they have no points or the points they have earned cannot redeem a valuable reward.

To solve this problem, Foxx no longer sends reminder emails when a customer’s points are less than 300. This is to curb the frequency and ensure that customers keep valuing the reminder emails because they know that when they receive it, they can use their reward in the next purchase. The 300 point is a great starting point because, in most online stores, 300 points is equivalent to about $3, which is a good enough discount to incentivize someone to make a new purchase.

Retailers can activate this rule in the Foxx app and set the frequency they want the reminder emails to be sent. The difference is that in the new version of the app, Customers will only receive a reminder email when their points have surpassed the 300 mark. In that way, customers will appreciate the reminders more and redeem them in time by visiting your online store and purchasing a product.

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