Super-targeted automated emails that drive sales

Reach out to customers with highly relevant offers at the moment they are most likely to shop

How does Foxx work?


Step 1

Segment customers by behavior


Step 2

Design marketing emails


Step 3

Email gets delivered to the customer at the right moment

Sell more with behavioral emails

Email customers with what they want and not what you have

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Target based on buying habits

Segment by last purchase, average order value, order frequency

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Target based on user preference

Segment by how customers are interacting with your shop

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Target based on browsing habits

Segment by products customers are more interested in

Design Gorgeous Emails

Create beautiful professional-looking emails with no technical expertise

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Leverage templates

Choose a pre-built template that matches your brand style

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Make it personal

Personalize your popup to match your brand image

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Minimize bounce rate

Track customer engagement and spot defects

Track sales, not just click

Know exactly how much revenue you are generating through your email campaigns

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Measure everything from open to click to purchase

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Measure change in performance overtime

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Measure customer retention and activity level

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