Riff Raff & Co. Referral Program Review

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Riff Raff & Co is renowned for selling comforter-style sleep toys which help babies and toddlers sleep better at night. Their products are well-loved by new parents, a community that is quite vocal and perfect for word-of-mouth testimonials. Therefore, a referral program has been an essential part of the brand’s strategy to win more customers, and it has proven to be highly effective over the years.

The stats below prove how Riff Raff & Co’s Referral Program has contributed massively to the eCommerce store’s success.

  • The company has surpassed its industry referral rate benchmark by ten times. Riff Raff & Co has recorded a 24% referral rate, implying that almost 1 in every four of their customers came to patronize them through a referral.
  • Increased Sales: The brand has exceeded six digits in referral sales since it began the program.
  • Loyal Customers and New Leads: More than 2,000 of the brand’s satisfied and loyal customers have made at least one successful referral. In addition, as of this post, the top referrer is said to have made more than four hundred successful referrals or 400 new customers to the brand.

There is no doubt that the brand has reaped the benefits of a good referral program. In this post, we’ll take a deeper look into how RiffRaff & Co’s referral program works, the reasons it has seen much success, and some of the features that the company could improve to make it even more attractive.

How does the program work?

Riff Raff & Co uses a simple refer-and-earn strategy in its referral program. Customers can join the program by signing up with their email addresses at riffraffandco.com. The program is open to anyone participating, which means one doesn’t need to purchase a product to earn rewards. The company supplies new members with a unique referral link to share with any friend or family member in their network.

A code is automatically generated if a customer shares their links with five separate customers who successfully purchase through that link. This code can then be redeemed for a Free toy worth $65 in value. In addition, the referred customers also get Free Worldwide Shipping when they purchase through a referral link.

Riff Raff & Co referral page

What are the good things about the program?

High Value

One of the most significant features that made this program successful is the value it gives referring customers. The brand rewards customers a whole new toy ($65 value) for five referral purchases. If the customer is delighted with their first purchase, getting another free toy is a high enough incentive to push them to promote their links to as many of their friends as they can.

Including Non-Customers

The brand increased its chances of earning more referrals by including non-customers in its referral program. Instead of having to buy a toy first, anyone at all can earn a free toy by promoting RiffRaff & Co to their friends. This strategy works exceptionally well because people love free valuable things and would put in a reasonable amount of effort if it doesn’t demand much. In this case, sharing a good discovery with friends to earn a free toy is worth their while. The brand also benefits significantly from the additional exposure and potential new leads they can gain from non-customers.

Timely Email Reminders

RiffRaff & Co can attribute the success of its referral program to the timely emails they send at the heights of the customer’s journey. To achieve the highest engagement and responses, the brand sends emails to promote its referral program at the most reasonable customer journey times. An email is sent immediately after a customer’s first purchase when they are fully engrossed in anticipation. The next email reminder is sent right after the customer receives the toy they purchased. Around this time, the customer feels the most delighted and is most likely open to engaging fully with the brand. Another follow-up email is sent eight weeks after this purchase when the customer is finally convinced without a doubt that their product is delivering on its promise of helping their young ones sleep better. These times are crucial and increase the chances of a customer successfully referring their friends to the brand.

Riff Raff & Co

Easy to understand

This is by far one of the most compelling reasons the company crossed the industry referral rate benchmark. Riff Raff & Co-designed their referral program so that it is easy to join and claim a reward. Since most of their customers are busy moms and parents, the program needed minimal effort to engage. The referral page provides a clear value proposition. It demands that visitors input only their email address and name (optional) to join the program and get their unique invite link.

How could they have made their referral program more attractive?

For such a well-crafted referral program, it was challenging to find drawbacks that could be improved upon. Perhaps, the most obvious limitation is that the referral program is restricted to only the Full Riff Sleep Toy comforters. Riff Raff & Co sells other great kids products such as Bath sets, books, Party Packs, Sound Boxes, Wash Day Spare Plush Toys, etc. However, there are no referral rewards attached to any of these products. Meaning, customers can only enjoy referral rewards with the purchase of Full Riff Raff Sleep Toy comforters alone. Indeed, the brand can improve its referral program by broadening the scope to include more of its other products. Then, their regular shoppers will appreciate it, and the company will benefit even more with increased sales and more leads.

All the same, RiffRaff & Co’s referral program is the brand’s most valuable means of generating new leads and boosting revenue. As happy customers and non-customers alike take care of bringing in new referrals, the brand has the luxury and enough focus to deliver only the best of baby products and toys to babies and parents across the world.

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