New Feature: Buy Product with Points

September 19, 2022

Setting up a loyalty program is undoubtedly one of the surest ways to earn customer loyalty and increase engagement with your brand. The Beans app for ecommerce is particularly helpful in enabling you to create stunning reward programs for your online store. The app allows you to incentivize your customers with points for taking specific profitable actions. Shoppers can then redeem these points at checkout for discounts and exclusive rewards.

Naturally, the better the rewards, the more likely customers are to repeat purchases.

To secure the best results from loyalty and reward programs, Beans has released a new feature that enables your customers to buy certain products with reward points alone.

How Does It Work?

This new feature allows customers to purchase products online using only the points they have earned. You can decide which products customers can buy with points.

For instance, if customers can redeem 100 points for $1, a customer will need to spend 1000 points to purchase a product worth $10. However, if the product is $100, customers can use 10,000 of their points to buy such a product if the merchant has made it eligible.

If the customer’s accumulated points are not enough, they will be notified.

Whenever a product is added to the cart, a coupon is automatically applied to the cart. Shopping carts can only contain one product that is buyable with points.

You can access this feature by visiting the Beans app Dashboard under the Liana >

How it works on the storefront

When a customer visits an ecommerce shop using Beans, to explore its Rewards program page, they are given the option to purchase exclusive products selected by the merchant, with x number of points, determined by the merchant.

Buy Product with Points feature vs Redeeming with a discount code

The added advantage of using the Buy Product with Points feature is that it allows the merchant to make certain special products available only to members of a reward program. You can also make the buyable product with points cheaper to incentivize more customers. This rule increases the exclusivity customers derive when they join a loyalty program. This feature will also encourage more shoppers to join the rewards program, since it is the only way they can earn points to redeem those special products.

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