Make your customers addicted to your shop

Get your customers to place a second order, a third, a forth and more

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How does Liana work?


Step 1

You set your program rule by rewarding action that profit your business


Step 2

A reward program page is created on your shop and your customers start joining


Step 3

Every customer in your reward program gets perks when they complete the defined action

Reward your customers for profitable action

A set of predefined rules helps you reward customers for actions that profit to your business

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Increase retention

Reward customers for their purchases

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Increase Average Order Value

Reward customers for spending more than a certain amount

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Increase Order Frequency

Reward customers for ordering more during a certain period of time

Get customers to actively participate

Send frequent reminders to your customers to get them to actively participate in your rewards scheme

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Send balance reminders

Add automated monthly reminders to make customers come back to redeem

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Send points expiration notifications

Notify customers before their points expire and increase sales

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Increase Order Frequency

Make customers rush to increase their points with hot points campaign

Build the most elegant loyalty program experience

Completely white-label your rewards program and get our team to design a custom visual that matches your brand identity

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Customize rewards program page

Let our team design and implement a custom loyalty program page that matches your website

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Customize email notifications

Make sure that all email notifications sent through Beans are in line with your brand image

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Customize integrations

Seamlessly integrate your rewards program with the other software you are using

Customers love us all around the world

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Most of our customers love us because of the simple setting up and the reactivity of our support

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The all in one tool you were waiting for

Hot Beans Campaign

Create exclusive time limited deals for your most loyal customers

Set redemption limit

Add limit to how much points are redeemable during purchases

Add expiration to points

Set time limit to points to urge customers to come back to redeem

Customize email notification

Send notifications to customers when they join, earn and spend points

Manually adjust balance

Whenever needed you can manually adjust members’ balance

Track and analyse result

Analytics let you track the impact of your rewards program on your revenue

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