How to Integrate Instagram with Beans

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With more than a billion users, it is quite odd to see an ecommerce brand that is not taking advantage of Instagram. Apart from the massive exposure businesses can get on one of the largest image and video sharing social media platforms, Instagram offers a good opportunity to learn more about what customers like and build a long-term relationship with them.

Beans allows you to integrate with a number of applications to enjoy the most out of its features.

This guide will show you step-by-step how to integrate Instagram with the Beans platform to enjoy the best experience when implementing all your marketing strategies.

Why is Instagram beneficial for your e-commerce business?

Displaying Products, Services, and Programs

Instagram is perfect for ecommerce businesses because of its image and video-sharing feature which allows retailers to showcase their products, and services to both customers and potential visitors. Millions of Instagram users discover products for the first time while using Instagram. If you have already implemented a referral program or loyalty program through the Beans platform on your ecommerce store, integrating with Instagram will help promote these programs massively to that audience. Retailers can track customer engagement and reward them for actions taken when the app is integrated.

Relationship and Constant Engagement

Another great benefit of using Instagram as a retailer is that it enables brands to build a strong relationship with their audience. You can better engage with customers through posting quality content, asking them questions, running challenges, answering their comments, and rewarding them for their efforts. Integrating Instagram with the Beans platform and e-commerce store gives brands the opportunity to nurture a strong emotional bond which eventually increases loyalty with the brand.

To Integrate Instagram with Beans:

  • Open the Beans app
  • Go to the Integrations page, where you will see a display of the available apps
  • Locate Instagram on this page and click on it
  • Once the popup appears, click on the Connect button
  • Next, follow the set of instructions to connect the Instagram app fully.

How it appears to customers on your storefront

When a customer visits your online shop and explores your rewards program page, they are given the option to follow your brand’s Instagram page. The customer will then be rewarded with points for following your business on Instagram. This rule is available once a retailer integrates their Beans app with their Instagram account.

How to disconnect an Integration

As you add a new Instagram integration, you may want to remove an already existing one. To do this:

  • Click on the Integrations page
  • Find the app you would like to disconnect in your list of active integrations and click on it.
  • Click on the Edit button when the popup appears
  • Click on Disconnect when the new page opens, and Beans will deactivate the app integration.

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