Shutting down the Poppy app

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In our vision to create a unified shopping experience, we were very adamant about getting the Beans app to do a lot more than it was initially designed for. Many merchants using Beans requested an easy way to display popups on their websites to promote their loyalty and referral programs. We thought the best way to get that done would be by adding a popup feature directly to Beans. However, this approach is very limited and counter-intuitively does not allow merchants to use Beans to its full potential. First of all, they are many popup tools out there with a wide range of features and customization. While Poppy was easy to set up it did not offer as many configuration options that would fit with growing merchant needs. Secondly, spending more time developing Poppy, means spending less time improving our core functionalities which in turn was detrimental to merchants using our rewards and referral program solutions.

What's next?

Shutting down Poppy does not mean that merchants will be doing less with Beans. In fact, it is the exact opposite. We have been working on adding a lot more integrations and some of them with existing popups software. This allows merchants to integrate Beans directly with existing popup solutions that they are already using which likely have more options and functionalities than Poppy. This means merchants can now both rely on powerful rewards program solutions powered by Beans coupled with their existing marketing stack. If you are using the Poppy feature, you should now disable it,  and re-create your popups with the popup solution of your choosing. If your current popup tool does not yet have an integration with Beans, please do not hesitate to suggest one on our public roadmap.

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