Beans Plugin 3.3 Version Release

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The release of the Beans plugin version 3.3 for WooCommerce, lets your customers get the best experience out of your rewards programs and referral programs. Although the previous version was functional and highly beneficial, a few issues hindered retailers from enjoying a smooth experience with the plugin.

The new Beans plugin 3.3 works faster than the previous version and loads much quicker. In addition, several bugs and issues have been fixed.

Smart coupon pro plugin

In the previous version, the Smart Coupon Pro plugin was unable to work properly when Beans plugin was activated, hindering users from redeeming points with this plugin. In the latest version, this issue has been fixed.

Redeem button value

The app initially displayed “GET X POINTS” when a customer did not have enough points to redeem a reward. The value of X was supposed to be automatically updated whenever a customer updates the number of items on the cart page. Still, this function was not working in the previous version. It has been fixed in the latest release.

Deactivated program display

Beans has a deactivated state for its referral and reward programs for retailers who choose to do so. However, it was not displayed in the older plugin version when a customer decided to deactivate them. The bug has been fixed in the new version, and the state of your referral and reward program will be displayed accordingly.

Redeem coupon

Some retailers faced the issue of the “redeem coupon” button not working on the checkout page in the previous version of the plugin. The problem was caused by an issue with Ajax. It has now been fixed in the new version of the plugin.

Cached data

The newer version of the Beans plugin better manages cached data. The plugin saves data from retailers’ shops to avoid sending a lot of requests. The data was supposed to expire after a certain period, but this function was not working. The issue has now been fixed, and the cached data of authenticated users are handled better in the updated version.

Duplicated redeem button

The redeem button on the “Reward program> Rewards” section was duplicated in its older version. The issue has now been fixed in the new release.

The latest Beans plugin has been modified to provide customers with the best experience while executing their reward and referral programs on the Beans platform. We recommend all online retailers to upgrade to this version for a better experience.

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