Turns your customers into advocates of your brand

Reward your customers for inviting their friends to buy from your store.

How does Bamboo work?


Step 1

You create and set a referral rule to reward customers who invite their friends to shop.


Step 2

Your customers get a unique referral link and share it to their friends


Step 3

Referred customers and advocates get rewarded when a customer shops using their referral link.

Increase Online Outreach

Use your customers as advocates to expand your client base.

Reduce Marketing Cost

Save on new customers. As compared to standard advertising which is very expensive, it will cost you nothing to use a referral program.

Increase Brand Awareness

Strengthen your online presence. Allow your customers to spread the word about your brand. Consumers will align themselves with a brand that is trustworthy.

Powering the world’s fastest growing brands

"I was looking for a solution which could handle all of our pain points - in particular, the complexity associated with keeping customers active in a loyalty program."

- Suzie Lindley

The all in one tool you were waiting for

Track and analyse result

Analytics lets you track the impact of your rewards program on your revenue

Easy Integrations

Easily manage your accounts and stay active on all your social channels

Customizable Message

Edit automated messages that appear on each social channel feed

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