Referral Program

Turn your customers into advocates of your brand

Let your customers grow your business by rewarding them for referrals.

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How does it work?

  • Step 1
    1. Join

    1. Join

    Customers get a personal referral link to share with their friends.

  • Step 2
    2. Refer

    2. Refer

    Friend completes their first purchase using the referral discount code.

  • Step 3
    3. Earn

    3. Earn

    Referrers get their reward after their friends place their first order.

Build the most efficient referral program solution

Create a referral program that drives customer engagement and yields sales.


Motivate customers to take actions

Unlock the power of word-of-mouth

Let your top customers bring to your business high ROI leads that are unreachable through advertising channels.

  • Lowest cost per action

    Customers are rewarded only for successful referral making sure that your program is profitable

  • Highest customer lifetime value

    Referred customers spend more and are more loyal than ads generated leads.

  • Highest ROI

    Referred customers trust your brand more and are more likely to refer you to their friends.

Unlock the power of word-of-mouth
Build the highest converting referral program

Build the highest converting referral program

Enhance each step of your referral funnel to get the highest possible conversion rate and customer participation.

  • Referral dashboard

    Make it easy and exciting for customers to track referral status and rewards.

  • Referral flow

    From the referral landing page to the checkout popup, optimize your referral flow to get the highest engagement.

  • Email notifications

    Use timely referral email reminders to drive more referred customers to complete their first purchase.

Manage everything like a pro

Update your program, monitor every referral, and review actionable metrics all in one convenient place.

  • Referrals overview

    Easily track referral sources, and see which customers are superstar referrers.

  • Builtin templates

    Design referral campaign assets that fit with your brand without a single line of code.

  • Powerful analytics

    Have a clear overview of your referral campaign performance and adapt for optimal growth.

Manage everything like a pro

Reward actions at every stage of your customer journey

Percentage discount

Percentage discount

Give customers a percentage discount for referrals

Dollar discount

Dollar discount

Reward customers with a fix-amount discount

Free product

Free product

Let customers get free products for referring their friends

Purchase Condition

Purchase Condition

Set minimum purchase conditions to ensure profitability

Fraud detection

Fraud detection

Review suspicious transactions to detect self-referrals

Social sharing

Social sharing

Let customers invite friends from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram

Do even more with your referral program

From ecommerce platforms to social media, you can extend your referral program functionalities to boost your referral conversion.


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I found it easy to use, and it's pretty straightforward. As someone who doesn't know a thing about web development, I can easily set up a referral program for my online shop to attract sales and return customers.

Allie Shoes


I really liked this app. I would definitely recommend it to my friends! This app gives you many options, and it will definitely help you to boost your conversion rate!

Petit Lush


So far, so good. I’ve been looking for something like this. This is the only type of referral program I use as a customer.

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