Turn your customers into advocates of your brand

Let your customers grow your business by referring you to their friends

How does Bamboo work?


Step 1

Set rewards for customers who refer your business to their friends


Step 2

Customers get a unique referral link to share with their friends


Step 3

Referrers get their rewards as soon as their friend complete their purchase

Get customers to promote your business

A set of predefined rules helps you reward customers for actions that profit your business

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Incentivize with coupons

Referrers get discount codes that they can use during their purchases

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Incentivize with points

Referrers get points that can be redeemed in your shop

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Incentivize with free products

Referrers get a free product after referring x friends

Optimize for growth

Get a holistic and detailed view of your referral program performance

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Comprehensive Analytics

Get a detailed reported on how your campaign is performing

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Advanced tracking technology

Get details insights of who your referrers are and where referrals are coming from

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Industry Benchmark

Compare your performance to your industry average and fill the gaps

Create the most brand centric experience

Completely white-label your referral program and get our team to design a custom visual that matches your brand identity

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Customize referral program page

Let our team design and implement a custom referral program page that matches your website

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Customize email notifications

Make sure that all email notifications sent through Bamboo are in line with your brand image

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Customize integrations

Seamlessly integrate your referral program with the other software you are using

The world’s fastest growing retailers use Beans to drive growth and revenue

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