Automatically post new products to your Twitter Feed

Save time managing your Twitter presence. Manage your business with ease

How Twitter Auto-Post Works ?


Step 1

Link your twitter page to Twitter Auto-Post.


Step 2

Set your custom message


Step 3

When you add new products to your shop we will automatically tweet them

Increase Twitter Outreach & Drive Conversion

Reach out to prospective customers by tweeting new products in your shop.

Save time spent
on twitter

You don’t have to spend a lot of time doing the
same thing over again. Focus on other aspects
of your business.

Maintain Consistent

Let your sales message stay the same way
across all product posts.

Powering the world’s fastest growing brands

"I was looking for a solution which could handle all of our pain points - in particular, the complexity associated with keeping customers active in a loyalty program."

- Suzie Lindley

The all in one tool you were waiting for

Progress report

You can get weekly notifications on how your tweets are performing

Customizable Message

You can edit automated messages that appear on your feed

Automated Tweets

Stay active on Twitter by easily managing your account

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