How To Celebrate Your Customers Using Beans Loyalty Program

December 19, 2018

Whether it’s Christmas, new year or customer service week, celebrating your customers as an online retailer is one of the best retention strategies out there.  While saying “thanks” is a good way of celebrating your customers for buying from your online store, actions are more memorable to customers than just words. With that said, how do you show gratitude to your customers by giving them Shopify or Woocommerce points as a reward for shopping with you by using the celebration rule from the Beans loyalty program? Let’s dig in.

How the celebration rule works

The celebration rule allows you to offer reward points to your customers for any celebration – New Year, Christmas, customer service week, or your company’s anniversary. You can also celebrate individual customers by offering them reward points for staying with you for 6 months, a year, or even for a month. It doesn’t matter the platform you are using, you can celebrate the holidays with your customers by offering them Woocommerce points or Shopify rewards for shopping with you.

Advantages of the celebration rule for online retailers

Celebrating your customers for walking the e-commerce journey with you by offering them Shopify or Woocommerce points comes with a lot of merits:

  • Improve customer retention

Giving customers reward points to celebrate special events gives them a sense of belonging and motivates them to come back to your store.

  • Outsmart your competition

When you fail to appreciate your customers, they always have the notion that you don’t care whether they shop with you or not. That means they can buy from any store, and when that happens you are giving your competitors an upper hand. The celebration rule is your best bet to show your customers that you care and that their presence matters.

  • Tap into the power of reciprocity

As humans, we like to return favors. When someone gives us something, even without expecting anything in return, we always want to give something in the future to also show our appreciation. Your customers are not different. When you offer them Shopify or Woocommerce reward points during celebrations, they will feel obligated to repay you by purchasing from your store. And that increases your sales and revenue.

See the celebration rule in action

Verizon, the telecommunications giant has employed the celebration rule in its marketing. Instead of waiting for Christmas, New Year, or even their company’s anniversary, Verizon decided to reward individual customers for their anniversaries. Customers get rewards for spending one, two, or three years with Verizon.

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How to create a celebration rule for your online store

Head over to

  1. Log in with your beans loyalty details or create an account if you haven’t got one, after which you’ll land on the beans loyalty homepage (
  2. Click on the “Rules” tab, located on the upper left corner of the beans loyalty window. This should take you to the rules page (
  3. Click on the “Add rule” button, located on the upper right corner of the rules page.
  4. This will get you into the rules page. Click on the “Add rule” next to the “Celebration” rule to add it to your already existing rules.
  5. Return to the rules page, click on the “Celebration” and set your preferences, including the day you are offering the rewards, the message the customer will see when they get credited, and the occassion.
  6. When you are done, click “save” and the Beans Loyalty Program takes care of the rest.

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