Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world, and it has now become a site where businesses promote their products or services. It is also worth pointing out that though Pinterest has less active members than other social networks, it has the highest rate of potential customers. This is because users of Pinterest are actually people who shop the most online. This amazing bookmarking website allows you to shop for products on the spot. There are about 250 million global active users every month. However, a lot of people still don’t understand how it works and how they can utilize it to drive sales for their businesses. You should consider Pinterest as an important part of your marketing strategy, but before you can sell on Pinterest you need to have a Pinterest business account. Setting up a business account will give you access to your analytics which will give you insight as to how your business is performing.

This post is part of a series of posts on how to sell more online using social media. Each social network has a different selling point. You can diversify your marketing strategy by selling on more than one channel. Here is a list of how to promote your products on each social network:

  • Facebook Marketing: Use services like Facebook Shop, Messenger, or  Facebook Ads to boost your sales.
  • Twitter Marketing: Leverage Twitter network to attract new leads through exclusivity, contests, and customer testimonials.
  • Snapchat Marketing: Seize the opportunity of marketing on one of the less busy social channels.
  • Instagram Marketing: Make the most of the social network which has the highest sales conversions.

Let’s get right in on how you can get your presence on this amazing bookmarking website and how to sell your products.

Set Up Your Bio

As always with every social media business account, you need to develop a great bio, underlining what your business is about. Creating a great bio is an opportunity for people to know what your business entails. Update a profile picture – a picture of yourself or your business logo is advisable. Also make sure to include a link, where you want your followers to go to make a purchase or get information. This could be a link to your website, blog or YouTube channel.

Create A Board

The next thing you will want to do after you have created your account and written a bio is to make a Pinterest board. This board should have your products neatly categorized. This will help users find the exact products they are looking for. Your boards should be aligned with your brand and be of interest to your audience. Fill your boards with great content, relevant and interesting pins.

Create An Audience

You can’t reach a large number of people if you do not have followers. Set a target to follow a number of people a day. You can start by following up to a hundred people a day or two hundred people, and this is totally up to you. The goal is to get a number of people to follow you back. However, if they do not follow you back within a long period of time you can unfollow them to make room for new followers. Engage regularly with other users’ content who have a similar audience as yours. You’ll get noticed by engaging with people and this can help you build your audience.

Use Buyable Pins

Using buyable pins is a pin your business can take advantage of to increase product sales. A buyable pin usually has a “buy it” or “add to bag” button which is marked in blue. This allows users to know if a particular product could be bought. With buyable pins, you can create pins where people can buy your products without having to leave Pinterest’s website. This is actually a good thing because users wouldn’t be distracted and they will be more likely to follow through to make a purchase. This feature also allows you to take the products that already exist on your website, to use them as buyable pins.

Use Rich Pins

Use rich pins to get more out of your Pinterest marketing. Rich pins will help you rank higher on Pinterest search feed. They allow you to include more details about your pins. There are six types of pins;

  • App pins
  • Film pins
  • Recipe pins
  • Product pins
  • Article pin
  • Place pins

Each of them is a great way to provide engagement and boost your business generally.

Use Coupons

Consumers love to hear the words free, discount and any other word that has to do with promotions. Coupons are easy to set up, and you can run them through your business’ website. Create a coupon board in your Pinterest business account, pin your promotional product with details of the offer and include a link back to that particular coupon page on your website. Using coupons will improve your likes, shares and repins. Everybody loves coupons and they are a great way to increase engagement and in the long-run, drive sales for your business.

Use Great Visuals

Pinterest is all about visuals so making your images count is very crucial when selling on this site. Vertical images do better due to Pinterest’s layout. You should use longer looking images as opposed to horizontal and smaller images because the vertical images appear bigger on Pinterest and they are easier to see by users when scrolling. Also, use images with warm tone colors like orange and red. They attract users’ attention more than cool colors like blue. You should also make sure your images are well edited and appear sharp, and you must avoid using stock images at all cost.

Use Promoted Pins

Use promoted pins so that you can reach a lot of users. Give your content a boost. When you use promoted pins, you drive traffic from your pin to your account. If your business is fairly new on Pinterest, with a few to no audience, it is difficult to get the engagement that you need. Promoting your pins can help to provide that engagement, and create visibility for your business or products.

Pinterest is a huge brand opportunity for your business and a great platform for traffic generation and boosting sales. When products are properly marketed using the guidelines above, Pinterest can serve as a virtual storefront. As one of the fastest growing social media marketing platforms today, Pinterest is now a go-to bookmarking website especially for lifestyle retailers who want to showcase their amazing products and maximize their sales.