How to Choose the Perfect Name for your Loyalty Program

May 12, 2022

Business owners who choose to integrate loyalty programs into their eCommerce businesses understand that they need to get everything right from the get-go. They take the time to research and select the types of rewards they would offer, the terms involved, the expected return on investments, among others. Yet, one important area often overlooked or underestimated is the loyalty program name.

Retailers need to prioritize the kind of name they choose because it sets the tone for members and shoppers. A good loyalty program name can be the one thing that pulls a customer to decide to become loyal to your brand or pushes them to shop elsewhere. As such, when you implement a loyalty program, you should give it an exclusive yet exciting name that will draw customers to partake in the program.

In this article, we will shed light on some essential tips on choosing the perfect name for your loyalty program.

Evoke an emotion

In naming your loyalty program, you need to ensure that the name you choose evokes a particular emotion in your buyers. First of all, loyalty is emotion-based. For customers to feel loyal towards your brand and program, its name should establish a certain feeling of trust that will directly influence their perception of you, your products, and your services. Then, again, customers rely on the emotions they feel about joining your community program. Since they are already looking to have a deeper connection with a brand, the kind of name you choose could make them feel like they belong to the right community.

Make it Simple

A good strategy is to select a simple, straightforward name. This ensures that your loyalty program members can remember its name and easily associate it with your products. Simple names usually focus on the name of the Brand, Service, or Product provided. Terms such as ‘Rewards’ and ‘Club’ are mostly used when it comes to simple names. Some examples include Kellogg’s Rewards, Bergzeit Club, and Red Sox Rewards. Diamanti Per Tutti named its loyalty program “Diamond Club,” a straightforward name that reveals the purpose of the program.

Diamanti Per Tutti's loyalty program- The Diamond Club

Make it Brand Specific.

In choosing a loyalty program name, you can decide to use certain terms that are strong associated with your brand, products, or services. For example, North Face’s VIPeak program fits the brand’s image perfectly. “Peak” captures how the products are used in the mountains, and its combination with “VIP” describes the exclusive nature of the program.

D'Addario's Player Circles

D’Addario’s Player Circles is the name of the international music accessories brand D’Addario. The company chose a name that closely resonates with their brand and audience; players. This brand-specific name is an excellent choice because it reveals the customers who will benefit from participating in the program (instrument players). It also establishes a sense of exclusivity by using the word ‘Circle”, implying that the loyalty program is for instrumentalists who identify with the brand’s products and other like-minded people.

Make it easy to remember.

Customers should not easily forget a perfect loyalty program name. When selecting a name, therefore, ensure that it has a memory attached to it. In addition, the program name should be tailored to the type of customers brands are targeting. They should also denote how important these people are, making it easy for customers to recall.

Sephora's VIB Rouge

Sephora’s VIB Rouge is arguably one of the best loyalty programs and most easy to recall names. VIB stands for “Very Important Beauty,” a slight twist to the “VIP” tier concept. Sephora Beauty uses this title name to invoke a sense of achievement and exclusivity in the program. Since members who have achieved the VIB status are viewed as elite, it encourages other members to participate more in the rewards program.

Be creative

You may have to go beyond the simple terms like “rewards,” “club,” or “points” when choosing the perfect name. Creativity is key in selecting a name that will strike a good deal of interest in your shoppers and keep your customers excited about the program. You can decide to name the rewards earned in your program differently. For instance, Delta Airlines gives “Sky miles,” UK brand Pixi offers “Pixi Dust,” and Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwich shop franchise calls its program “Sandwich Society.”

Pixi Dust

Make it Fun

In developing a suitable name for your loyalty program, you need to add some fun elements. This is extremely necessary for businesses in industries that appeal to the leisure side of their customers. You can freely use a good pun to spice up the program name. Smokea’s Tokins is a good example of a hilarious or fun loyalty program name that reveals the stress-free nature of the products and brand.

Smokea's Tokins

Make it Memorable

Memorability is essential when choosing a name for your loyalty program. New shoppers and customers should recall the name because it strongly represents what your brand stands for. They should be able to remember it easily and link it to your brand’s core values.

A great example of a rewards program name that is fun and memorable is Teddy’s Top Dog Rewards. Teddy the Dog’s program has three VIP tiers: House Broken, Divine Canine, and Pack Leader. These names are interesting for pet owners as they show which stage their pet is at in the program. Again, the program name is considered one of the most memorable because customers are aware that joining this loyalty program means they will be recognized as one of the best pet owners, or in their own words, “Top Dogs.” Since customers have easy access to a detailed explainer page and the opportunity to earn treats and bones for their pets, they can fully appreciate the program’s value.

Top Dogs Rewards Program

Wrapping Up

It doesn’t matter whether you just developed a new loyalty program or rebranding your existing loyalty program. The key is to ensure that you put as much effort into selecting a name that rightly reflects the values of your brand as well as the community you want your loyal customers to become a part of. Your loyalty program name, after all, is usually your first and most significant impression- make sure it stands out.

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