Imagine yourself shouting for attention in a noisy room with over 10 million people. How will you get even a section of the room to look at you when you are just another voice in the crowd? Such is the current state of the e-commerce industry, and during the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) week, the chase for the ultimate customer becomes even harder. Today, there are over 12 million stores on the internet and only a handful of these stores are able to clock a little above $1000 US in annual sales revenue.

In such a noisy market, not everybody wins. But why worry yourself when you can leverage your Beans Loyalty Program to outsmart the competition during the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday week? The Beans Loyalty Program will help you excite your customers, and with many rules at your disposal, you are sure of offering your customers a lot of benefits by:

  • Providing outstanding rewards for their actions
  • Allowing you to build emotional connections with your customers
  • Giving you the chance to reward your customers for activities beyond sales in order to build your brand’s image.

With that said, how do you leverage your Beans Loyalty Program during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to excite your existing customers, win new customers, and improve your brand’s outlook?

Activate the “Register” rule to draw in more purchases

Curiosity doesn’t necessarily kill the cat but makes it wiser. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, customers become curious, combing search engines and social media platforms for the best deals. This is where your Beans Loyalty Program comes in. Activate the “Register” rule to offer redeemable points to either new customers or existing customers when they join your loyalty program. This will ginger your customers to buy more during the BFCM week in order to redeem their points. It will also encourage them to refer their friends and family to your store to enjoy the joining points. After all, who doesn’t like getting rewarded for a few clicks?

Remind your customers about their points.

So imagine, I just forgot how I wanted to start this sentence. And if I happen to be your online customer you can imagine how fast I will forget about my shopping cart or my points in your rewards program. For the many online customers out there, bombarded with marketing emails, news, and social adverts every day, you would be surprised to know how fast they forget. A customer navigates your store, adds a preferred product to their cart, possibly get some points for registering for your rewards program, and forget of everything within 24 hours. This can’t happen on BFCM if you want more sales, and that’s why you need to constantly remind them about their points if you want to improve your conversion rate.

Activate the Balance reminder notification in your Beans Loyalty Program, which will automatically send email reminders to your customers about their available points. When you activate this notification for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, customers would like to redeem their points on discounted products in order to beat prices even lower. Doing so, these customers will end up buying more to enjoy both price cuts and their redeemable points. What do you get in return? More sales and revenue.

Surprise your customers with “Hot Beans”

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are events with deadlines and full of surprises, right? So what about using them to surprise your customers? This is the time to activate the “Hot Beans” rule to give your loyal customers extra points with a limited lifetime of 12, 24 or 48 hours. The Beans Loyalty Progam will automatically remind your customers about your “Hot Beans” and expiry date if they don’t redeem those points. Who wouldn’t want free, extra points?

Give customers more when they spend more

How do you trick a customer to spend more during Black Friday and Cyber Monday? The Beans Loyalty Program has the right rule for you. Activating the “Cart Booster” rule will give you the chance to offer more points for your customers when they spend more. For example, you could set your cart booster rule to give 1000 more additional reward points (or $10) to any customer who spends more than $100 on products in your store during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. No Customer would overlook such an offer.

Celebrate with your customers by leveraging the “Celebration” rule

From Christmas and New Year to Company Anniversaries, consumers love to celebrate big events. With BFCM, this is the time to get your customers into your store by activating the “Celebration” rule. How do you leverage this rule for more sales on BFCM? Remember Thanksgiving day (22nd November 2018)? Use the “Celebration” rule to give extra points to your customers on this day. This will encourage customers to shop in order to get more credit, which they can then redeem for more products on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Thirsty Will Dig Their Own Well – Add expiration to points

If you’re an economics student, you might have heard of the basic economic question Scarcity – and if you’re not an economics student, consider that an aside. But one basic thing to know is that scarcity creates urgency, which in turn creates value and adding an expiration date to the points a customer has on your rewards programs makes those points scarce. For example, you could set your customers reward points to expire at the end of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Combining that with the season’s discounts will keep your customers running back to the store to redeem their points before time runs out.

Add inactivity rule to force customers to use their points

Online customers are wickedly inconsistent. They will like a product, add it to their cart, and finally turn around the next day and leave the store completely or show unnecessary delays in checking out. But who wouldn’t want to come back for the products they kept in their cart? A Lot – customers who think the products are waiting for them all the time, those who have forgotten, and those who just enjoy putting many products in their cart and end up buying nothing sometimes. For such customers, especially those on your loyalty program list, you need to set a bait for them to come back and redeem their points thereby bringing more sales. To do that, you have to activate the “Inactivity” rule on your customer points. Knowing that their points would be discarded or reduced if they don’t redeem them or visit the shop for a specific period of time will force these customers to run back to purchase products in order not to lose their points.

What Next?

Remember? When Black Friday and Cyber Monday passes, you won’t meet these brothers until next year. This is not the time to sit down and worry about not preparing well enough. Armed with your Beans Loyalty Program, your social media marketing, and email tactics,  you could be rocking in more sales with the big guys in the e-commerce space on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Get to work, create the rules, and sell more.