Eternally Herbal is a mid-sized, family-owned, online retailer with revenue between 100k and 500k. Based in Clermont Florida, they have been providing high-quality premium natural health products to customers for over 7 years. The business has always been run with the same ethos; everyone they interact with is a member of the Eternal Herbal family and should be treated like it.

The Challenge

Eternally Herbal was ahead of the trend in selling premium natural health products online when they started back in 2008, and the business experienced strong growth. Fast-forward 7 years and they found that in a much more crowded marketplace it had become much more difficult to find and retain new customers. Moreover, the competition had sent the cost of customer acquisition and retention sky-rocketing, and profit shrinking.

With external help they decided to go with a two-pronged approach:

1. Reward customers through a coupon code Shopify app

2. Increase email marketing

But the results didn’t improve. Customs seemed to find the coupons solution cumbersome leading to a low uptake while the open rate on emails was even lower. It was time to go back to the drawing board.

Although the guys at Eternally Herbal weren’t giving up hope they were starting to despair a little. As Holley, a family member recalls:

We knew what we wanted to achieve but we just couldn’t find the solution to get us there


Although the company’s first venture into the world of rewards apps had failed, the team was still convinced that if it found the right app it could get the company back on the path to growth. As Holley, a member of the Eternally Herbal team recalls:

Even though our previous rewards app was a failure we knew that we needed a rewards scheme. We had worked hard for almost 10 years to build up a customer base, so using a rewards and referrals app to harness those relationships just seemed an evident approach. The challenge was finding the right rewards app.

Holley stumbled across beans in July of 2015 With Beans. Immediately she felt excited by the possibilities.

I really liked the look of Beans. There three things that really told me that it could work:

1. It’s super simple: we can set-up your rules easily and change then effortlessly

2. There are no coupons: it’s only now I realize how important this was, it takes away all of the hassle

3. Finally, I like the way the customer sees it on their screen. It’s a sleek little logo on the screen which not invasive and it doesn’t affect my branding

Knowing that this business is our baby that we’ve worked on for years it was important that I felt in full control. With Beans I had this, as I was able to decide exactly how and why to rewards customers. Similarly, given the businesses’ importance to our family, we don’t like to take risks. With Beans this wasn’t a worry as you only need to pay when it’s making money for you; if people aren’t using beans then I don’t have to pay for them.

The results

It didn’t take long to see an upturn in Eternally Herbal’s business; Within 5 month’s revenue had doubled. Evidence that this was down to the use of beans can be found when you look at the growth in the reward program. Even more revealing is the comparison between the dollars spent by customers using Beans spend compared to customers who didn’t sign-up for Beans. The Beans users spent was double that of non-Beans users!

Holley has been delighted with Beans.

Beans helped us to double our revenue per customer. I also feel that Beans has completely changed our customer relationships. We’ve been able to reengage our clients and continue in line with our ethos. It’s good to know that people are now more likely to read our emails and to be happy with our service.

It’s costly to acquire a single customer, but with Beans’ your customers become your marketers.