How To Build A Customer Loyalty Program With Beans

December 07, 2018

With the advent of many tools in the e-commerce space, from social media integrations and referral programs to the many Shopify loyalty programs and other applications, it is a time where both the online retailer and the customer have a myriad of choices at their disposal.  For the retailer, there are more options to sell, many places to market, and a lot of products with the click of a button. And for the customers, there are many product options and the availability of different online shops to choose from. In such a crowded market, reducing prices and offering other forms of promotion is not enticing enough. So what is the ultimate solution? The Beans Loyalty program.

As online retailers, we are all aware of how difficult and expensive it is to acquire new customers. Many of us spend a chunk of our time and money chasing new prospects to little success. So what are the successful online retailers doing differently? They leverage an e-commerce loyalty program to keep their existing customers coming back all the time. That’s what the Beans Loyalty Program, one of your go-to Shopify loyalty programs and more, has spent years building. If you want to stand out from the crowd, the beans loyalty rule is your last stop.

How the Beans ‘loyalty’ rule works

The loyalty rule allows you to reward a customer whenever they spend a certain amount in your store. In the Beans Loyalty Program, 100 points equal $1. Using this rule, you can provide 500 points ($5) to a customer who spends $15. The amount of points you give to a customer is entirely your choice as an online retailer.

With the example above, a customer could buy a product worth $12 in your store, but in order to get the $5 you are offering, they might add another product that costs $3 just to redeem the extra points, which will bring you more sales and revenue.

Advantages of using the Beans ‘loyalty’ rule

If you are an online retailer who wants to get in on how to create a customer loyalty program for your store, the “Loyalty” rule provided by Beans, one of the best Shopify loyalty programs out there which is also available on Woocomerce, is your last stop. The program offers numerous benefits that you should leverage for maximum customer retention.  So what do you get?

  • More sales through existing customers

With a click away, your existing customers could easily move to your competitor. Using the Beans Loyalty rule, you can offer your customers extra points whenever they spend a certain amount on your store. Apart from preventing them from leaving, this rule will also encourage customers to stay with you for a long time.

  • Create extra value for your customers

The Beans “Loyalty” rule will give you a chance to provide extra value that goes beyond just your products. The rule is an embodiment of how to build a customer loyalty program that converts first-time visitors to long-term customers.

  • Serves as a marketing tactic

The “Loyalty” rule by Beans, when used to reward existing customers, becomes a sales tool that keeps your customers coming back for more in order to get more points or redeem their already earned points.

See the ‘loyalty’ rule in action

Starbucks used this form of reward in 2016 to provide extra value to its customers. For every dollar a customer spent through the Starbucks App or online payment platform, they would get 2 stars (points), which could be redeemed for food and drinks. The result? Starbucks nailed over $180,000 in sales.


How to create your own ‘loyalty‘ rule:

Whether you’re searching for one of the best Shopify loyalty programs for your store or looking to build customer retention with your woocommerce platform, here’s how to do it right with Beans.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Beans Loyalty details or create an account if you haven’t got one and you’ll be taken to the Beans homepage (
  3. Click on the “Rules” tab, located on the upper left corner of the Beans Loyalty Program’s homepage, and third on the list, after the “Home” and “Members”. Tab. This should take you to the rules page (
  1. Click on the “Loyalty” rule (has a little love icon by it), second on the list after the “Register” rule.
  1. And boom, you can now set your own rules – including how many points you want to offer your customers for spending a certain amount and the date on which your offer begins and ends.
  1. When you are done, save your settings and the beans loyalty program will get to work.


In a modern and increasingly competitive e-commerce world, keeping your customers coming back has become extremely difficult. And there are many Shopify loyalty programs and Woocommerce tools with a lot of promises with nothing to show. Fortunately for us, we’ve seen how to create a customer loyalty program using the Beans’ “loyalty” rule. All that is left is to implement one in your store and wait for the sales to fall.

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