Celebrate Your Customer's Birthday With Beans Loyalty Program

December 19, 2018

Customer loyalty is a goldmine for any online retailer who wants to be successful. To meet the needs of your customers and keep them coming back, you have to be innovative with your e-commerce loyalty program. It turns out remembering your customers on their birthdays is one of the easiest ways to win them over.

Occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Christmas, and Valentine’s day are celebrated every year. While many people do not celebrate these events, everyone has a birthday, so do your customers. Your customers’ birthday is a perfect time to win their loyalty only if you take advantage of these special days. As a standard e-commerce loyalty program, the Beans Loyalty Program has got you covered with its Birthday rule, which allows you to celebrate your customers birthday.

How the birthday rule works

The birthday rule enables you to offer reward points to your customers who are celebrating their birthdays. This serves as appreciation to them (in the form of a birthday gift) for staying with you, and show that you care about them beyond the business relationships you share.

To make this rule more effective, you need to have information on your customers  to determine when they are celebrating their birthdays. You can set the number of points you want to offer each customer based on the amount they spend on your store and their shopping frequency

Advantages of the birthday rule

There are many e-commerce loyalty programs out there, but not all can offer you the benefits you’ll get from the Beans Loyalty Program. Here’s what you get when you implement the birthday rule.

  • Builds lasting customer relationships

Offering points to customers for shopping with you till their birthdays is a sure way of fostering personal relationships with them, and serves as a foundation for long-term customer loyalty.

  • Takes personalization to the next level

The birthday rule goes beyond just offering points, and allows you to gather more information on each customer. This gives you a more personalized outlook into each customer’s lifestyle and their shopping behavior, which serves as a tool to help you meet their future needs.

Example of the birthday rule

In celebration of the upcoming birthday of one of their customers, Rent the Runway used this strategy to offer a customer $50 off their purchases for their next birthday. You don’t have to be Rent the Runway to leverage this for your online store. The Beans e-commerce loyalty program will let you to treat your customers to rewards on their birthdays.

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How to create a birthday rule for your online store.

It’s easy to build an excellent e-commerce loyalty program with Beans and excite your customers on their birthday. Here’s how.

Head over to https://www.trybeans.com/

  1. Log in with your beans loyalty details or create an account if you haven’t got one, after which you’ll be taken to the Beans loyalty homepage (https://loyalty.trybeans.com/home).
  2. Click on the “Rules” tab, located on the upper left corner of the Beans loyalty window. This should take you to the rules page (https://loyalty.trybeans.com/rules).
  3. Click on the “Birthday” rule (has a little birthday cake icon by it).
  4. And you can now set your own birthday rule by setting the number of points you want to offer a customer when they stay with you till their next birthday.
  5. When you are done, save your settings and the Beans Loyalty Program will get to work.

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